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Contribute to the Bot

Archivist itself is not accepting code contributions at this time, and the bot's repository is not yet open source. We do have plans to make it open source after the next rewrite.

For now, the best ways you can contribute to Archivist are:

Coming Soon

Look for more info on how to report bugs and request features through Github later in 2022.

Contribute to the Docs/Website

The Archivist website will be open to contributions/pull-requests for updates from the community soon. There will be an announcement on our twitter when the details have been finalized. Until then, please review the information below.

The new Archivist website is hosted on Github pages and is built using Docusaurus. Docusaurus is a static site generator that uses Node.js and React to compile docs.

If you would like to contribute to the Docs, it is not super important that you understand how this works or even that you download and install these components, as the individual pages are built using markdown. You would only need these installed if you wanted to preview the website before submitting your pull request.

The things that will be required (at minimum) are:

  • a Github account & the ability to clone a repo and submit a pull request (or a willingness to figure it out)
  • a coding text editor (like VSCode, Atom, Sublime, etc) or a markdown editor.
  • the ability to adhere to our guidelines and step-by-step instructions.
  • a willingness to join the support server (if you're not already a member).

That's it!