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Restrict Archivist's Access

If you would prefer Archivist not respond in certain channels, you only need to make the single, simple change to the permissions under the channels as outlined below. It is recommended that you do not make any additional changes to permissions at the server or channel level so that Archivist continues to function the way it is intended, and so that if you change your mind later it is easy to reverse.


Archivist does not request more permimssions than it needs. It is recommended that you do not alter the permissions from the default if something is not working as you expect. Please review both Common Issues and Permissions and if you still need help join the Support Server.

1. On desktop, hover over the channel you want to restrict and click on the gear to "Edit Channel". On mobile long press and select "Edit Channel".

Edit Channel

2. Navigate to Permissions, and add the Archivist role which was added to your server when the bot joined.

Default Role

3. Click on the X next to View Channel; this will prevent Archivist from seeing the channel or any threads from it, so it will not be able to respond to messages or commands.

X Next to View Channel